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It is a pleasure to see you consider Soulful Bloom Therapy for your mental health journey. As a counselor in training, I am best described as genuine, energetic, and focus-driven with a soft soul. Considering the stigma of seeing a mental health professional, my utmost goal is to provide a safe space for you to experience therapy as a positive factor in your lifestyle. I look forward to guiding you through your challenges and helping you grow beyond your comfort zone. My hope is that you are inspired by your transitional journey.


Outside of therapy, I am either working out in the gym or socializing with friends and family at the newest places to eat in Nashville.

Most frequently used emoji: 😂

Personal Quote: "What's the move?"

Education & Credentials

Clinical Intern


M.S., Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Grand Canyon University

B.A., General Psychology, North Carolina State University

Clinical Experience

Prior to interning at Soulful Bloom Therapy, I worked in a hospital setting with dementia patients being treated for psychosis. Additionally, I have had impactful experiences training young athletes to excel mentally & physically in track and field. Exposing myself to opportunities where I can interact with diverse groups of people allows me to be open and hold space for the life experiences of others.

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